32˚, Knight Commander of the

Court of Honour (KCCH)


The Rank of Knight Commander of the Court of Honor is not a Degree, but an Investiture, bestowed upon members deserving recognition for faithful services to the Rite or to mankind. At the biennial session of the Supreme Council, certain Masters of the Royal Secret are chosen to be invested with the Rank and Decoration of Knight Commander of the Court of Honour. The respective Sovereign Grand Inspectors General or Deputies nominate members for this honor, and they must also be unanimously approved by The Supreme Council. This Investiture is a prerequisite to receiving the Thirty-third Degree. The Rank of K.∙.C.∙.C.∙.H.∙. may not be requested, and if requested must be refused. The cap of the Knight Commander Court of Honour is red with a darker red band trimmed in gold. In the center front is a representation of the Knight Commander Jewel, a Passion Cross with fancy arms, featuring in the center a trefoil embroidered in green encircled by "Kt.∙. Comm.∙. Court of Honour" embroidered in gold.

Valley of Newport News Court of Honour

*Charley Ellis Alderson (1925)

*Frank Otway Goodwin (1947)

*Theodore John Helmer (1951)

*Forrester Franklin Fiester (1953)

*Charles Marion Tucker (1955)

*Lloyd Melvin Baker (1957)

*Thomas Athey Murray, Jr. (1961)

*Sidney Lee Powell (1961)

*Ben Frank Friedman (1963)

*Robert Moton Coltrane (1963)

*Archie Joseph Long (1963)

*William Eldridge Talbott (1965)

*William Reginald Wilkins (1967)

*Clifton Barnes Penny, Sr. (1969)

*Mark Edwin Hutchinson (1973)

*Oliver Eugene Wilson (1973)

*John Lynwood Hudgins (1977)

*Edwin Herbert Phelps, Sr. (1977)

*Clarence Sydney Revell (1977)

*Paul Benjamin Daniels (1979)

*Jalmes Mildred Chapman (1979)

*Dallas Parker Cutler (1981)

*Raymond Stanley Johnson (1981)

*Clarence Edward Saul (1981)

  *Thomas Joseph Wilds (1981)

    *Ogden Johnson (1983)

Earl Johnson Gray, Jr. (1983)

*James Herbert Austin (1985)

*Joseph Orazio Barbera (1985)

Malvin Martell Overman (1985)

*Richard Marshall Bagley (1987)

*Roy Harold Kelly (1987)

*John Baptist Blanche (1989)

Michael Alexander Korb, Jr. (1989)

*Verna Earl Lane (1991)

*Everett Alexander Luckenbach (1991)

*Talmage Benjamin Holland, Jr. (1993)

*Bascome Driscoll Hudson (1993)

*Eugene Wesley Wiggins (1993)

Chester Cline Baity (1995)

Floyd Melbourne Chilcott (1995)

*William Sydney Freeman (1995)

*Edwin Lee Cooper (1997)

*Charles Ernest Drummond (1997)

Norris  Ketchum Roberts (1999)

Harlan Kreutter Holmes (2001)

John Edward Mattison, Jr. (2001)

Alexander Duncan Watson (2001)

John Martin Yoksza, Jr. (2001)

Mark Kenton Brinkley (2003)

Ricky Edward Smith (2003)

*Herbert J. Smith, Jr. (2003)

William Thomas Alexander, Jr. (2005)

Hoen McGuire Edwards (2005)

James Edison Gillikin, Jr. (2005)

William Lee Luthie (2005)

*James Ralph Paschall (2005)

Charles Alfred Segrist (2005)

*Otis Gene Edwards (2007)

Rickey Ray Johnson (2007)

Merwin G. Lozaw (2007)

William Earle Rorer, Jr. (2007)

Gerald Lee Frey (2009)

Ralph Lee Hood (2009)

*Jesse Anderson Norman (2009)

*Thomas Herbert Parry (2009)

Randolph Locknane Rodgers, Sr.(2009)

Edward Van Wilson (2009)

Edward Keith Winder (2009)

John Richard Rawls (2011)

Harold Keen Carney (2011)

Robert Humrich (2011)

Robert Lynn Parker (2011)

Nicholas Wright Raffaele (2011)

*Steve Randall Wiggington (2011)

Steven Franklyn Dowd (2013)

William Wilson Green, Jr. (2013)

Ryland Vincent Mundie (2013)

Patrick Craig Murphrey (2013)

Page Simpson Neale, Jr. (2013)

William Franklin Overby (2013)

Brian Roland Croteau (2015-elect)

Paul Eugene Lubic, Jr. (2015-elect)

Bruce Layton Edwards (2015-elect)

David Wayne Murray (2015-elect)

Joseph David Myers (2015-elect)